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LA Times Awarded Us!

Best of San Gabriel Valley & Inland Empire for 2022

Winning this award was such a lovely surprise for our entire team.  We thank all of our wonderful patients who voted for us!  We promise to not let you down.

(If you’re interested, we’re listed on page 3, under the Health & Wellness category: link to LA Times)

More Than

Dental Implants
Successfully Placed
In Over

Years of Dental
Lives Changed Through
Brushwell Dental

How We Work

The details matter.

We understand our work will impact the quality of your life—during the meals you eat, the first impressions you make, and the nights you sleep.  And we take this responsibility seriously.  That is why we work meticulously from beginning to end.

Everything is measured.  From head to neck: the mechanics of your bite to the quality of your gums and bone.  The layers of color, the angles of placement, and the finishes of surface—we obsess over the smallest of details. Even details you may never notice.

When you smile for a photo or prepare for a dinner date, when you lick your teeth or glance at a mirror, the details live with you. And that is why we don’t cut corners or do sloppy work. Because your quality of life is at stake.

Why Brushwell?

Because we’re different
in a good way.

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care

We do more than
“single-tooth” dentistry.

We don’t practice “single-tooth” dentistry like most dentists do.  Rather, we provide comprehensive care that requires a deep understanding and management of risk factors. 

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Collaborative Effort

Collaborative Effort

We don’t solve complex
problems alone.

Everyone has blindspots. Dentists, too. That’s why we don’t work alone when solving complex dental problems. We collaborate with our team of experts to get you the best results.

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Clinically Sound

Clinically Sound

We don’t skip steps
in our treatment.

Because our dentists don’t have quotas to meet, we don’t take shortcuts or do sloppy work. Instead, we provide you high-quality care based on the latest science.

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Worried, Embarrassed, or Confused?

Let us provide the
professional help you seek.

Compassionate & Understanding

We understand the fears and insecurities some patients experience. If this is you, you’re not alone. We’re here to help, not judge or lecture.

Educational & Empowering

You’ll never feel uninformed with us. We clearly explain everything you need to know and keep you updated every step of the way.​

Honest & Transparent

We believe you should know the truth. Even if it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. That means we will not hide or sugarcoat the truth from you.

Our Services

We address most of
your dental needs.

We have a team of 4 restorative dentists and 5 specialists. We conveniently provide comprehensive dentistry in one location. So whether you need a simple dental cleaning or a complex full-mouth reconstruction, we have you covered.

Life-Changing Results

Behind a new smile
awaits a new life.

For over 35 years, we’ve helped thousands of people reinvent their life with a new smile. From new jobs to new romances to new outlooks on life. And we’ve been able to consistently deliver life-changing results by working with the finest dental talents and investing in the highest quality tools and materials.

(Full disclosure: The following patients have generously given us consent to show their face.  Unless granted consent, we would never use your photos publicly.  We value your privacy and strictly follow HIPAA privacy guidelines.)

Post-ortho smile rejuvenation with dental implants and veneers
Full-mouth rehabilitation to protect from acid erosion
Aesthetic and functional full-mouth restoration
Aesthetic and functional full-mouth restoration
Full-mouth smile rejuvenation
Post-ortho canine substitution for aesthetic correction
All-on-X dental implant hybrid for upper and lower arch
All-on-X dental implant hybrid for upper and lower arch
Correction for worn teeth and tetracycline staining
Smile transformation with dental veneers
Car accident trauma repair
Hyperrealistic dental implants
Upper arch implant combo
No teeth to implant overdentures
Smile rejuvenation with implants, crowns, and veneers
Full-mouth reconstruction for function and health
Cosmetic Veneer Transformation Image of Young Adult Male

“Life-changing results begin
with careful planning.”

-Dr. Gary Luu

What to Do Next?

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3. Meet the Dentist

Because we’re very easy to talk with, you may forget you’re even at a dental office.

Members of our clinical team also teach

USC Faculty
UCLA Faculty

What Our Patients Say

Reviews from Google and Yelp.

“I get nervous about going to the dentist, but Dr. Gary Luu and his whole staff made every procedure a smooth sailing! They walk you through everything step-by-step and makes sure you’re comfortable.”

Russelle G.
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I’ve never had a dentist be so proactive and caring for my teeth and gums, so I really appreciated that.”

Daniel L.
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“The implant feels great, like it was never gone. My smiles finally looks better now that I don’t have a gap in between my upper teeth. I am very happy with the results of this procedure.

Emily N.
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“I had my implant from there and I’m so happy with the service. They called me and asked for update every now and then. I highly recommend them.”

Onyx A.
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“Their office is very clean and smell is very clean too. They also added more air filter stuff for COVID-19 so you will feel a lot safe for going there.

Kyle B.
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