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The Surgical Procedure

The Safety Preparation

Brushwell implant specialists perform in-office surgery with the highest standard of care.  The operating theater is sterilized and carefully managed with a team of highly trained surgical assistants.  We go beyond the surgical preparation guidelines set by the ADA, CDA, and WHO.

Implant Surgical Procedure

The placement of dental implants often involves two surgical processes.  The first step involves the placement of the titanium implant post into the jawbone.  The preparation and delivery of this procedure takes on average 30-to-60 minutes for a single implant, and 2-to-3 hours for multiple implants.

Prior to surgery, you may receive antibiotics.  And at the start of surgery, a local anesthetic will be administered in the area of where the dental implants will be placed, which is often sufficient to numb the area for a comfortable procedure.

Once you are properly numbed and comfortable, our implant specialist will carefully make a small incision in the gum tissue, make a flap and reveal the bone, and then methodically and gently insert a titanium implant post.  Often, a healing abutment will be placed atop the implant post so that the gums are shaped for a future prosthesis.  Other times, depending on the bone quality, a healing cap may be placed in which the gum tissues will be flapped over the implant and the healing cap to protect the implant.

The Healing Process

Once the first step of the surgical procedure is complete, healing begins.  The length of time for healing varies among people.  But on average, it takes approximately 3 to 6 months for the implant post to naturally fuse to the jaw bone.  After this healing period, the new replacement prosthetic crown is designed and hand-crafted by our talented dental lab technicians, who we have been collaborating with closely for years.  This is where the art of dentistry plays a significant role in whether or not your new teeth will look artificial and fake, or natural and real.  We craft beautiful, natural-looking teeth that align with the features of your face and mouth.

Follow-up care (one to four appointments) is usually required to ensure that your implant, jaws, and gums are healing well.  This will allow us to take any advanced precautionary measures so you heal without unnecessary or unexpected complications.  The follow-up appointments will also allow us to determine when you are ready for the second step of your implant treatment.

It may at times be prudent to have soft tissue grafting around the implant area to obtain healthier gums.  This process involves transferring a small amount of gum tissue from one part of your mouth to the area around your implant.

Restoration Phase

Once our restorative dentist determines that you have healed properly, such that the implant has bonded to your jawbone without issue and the underlying gum tissue appears healthy, the second step of the surgical procedure begins.  This is when a final abutment is placed atop the titanium post to help attach and anchor the prosthetic crown that was custom designed at our dental lab.  

Your bite is then re-analyzed to ensure proper contact with the new artificial teeth.  This is where the expertise of Brushwell Dental exceeds the average dental office, as we ensure not just the fit, but the mechanism of your chewing.  This is so important yet often overlooked by dentists untrained with evaluating a proper bite.  The fact is not every dentist is trained in the science of biting, known as occlusion.

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